Creative DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Creating a garden fountain is a delightful way to add a touch of serenity and elegance to your outdoor space. Not only do garden fountains enhance the aesthetic appeal, but they also provide the soothing sound of trickling water, which can create a peaceful atmosphere. In this blog, we will explore various DIY garden fountains ideas that you can easily implement to personalize and beautify your garden.

Creating a garden fountain is a delightful way to add a touch of serenity and elegance to your outdoor space. Not only do garden fountains enhance the aesthetic appeal, but they also provide the soothing sound of trickling water, which can create a peaceful atmosphere. In this blog, we will explore various DIY garden fountain ideas that you can easily implement to personalize and beautify your garden.

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Planning Your DIY Garden Fountain

Identifying the Perfect Spot Before you start building your garden fountain, it’s crucial to find the right spot. Look for a location that is visible and accessible. Ensure the surface is level and there is enough space for your chosen fountain design. Consider the proximity to an electrical outlet if you are using a pump that requires electricity.

Choosing the Right Type of Fountain There are several types of garden fountains to choose from:

  • Freestanding Fountains: These are versatile and can be placed anywhere in your garden.
  • Wall-Mounted Fountains: Perfect for smaller spaces or to add a focal point to a garden wall.
  • Pond Fountains: Ideal for larger gardens with existing ponds.

Gathering Materials and Tools Basic materials you’ll need include a water pump, tubing, and waterproof sealant. Recommended tools include a drill, level, and utility knife. Depending on your chosen fountain style, you may need additional materials such as stones, pots, or bamboo.

Simple DIY Garden Fountain Ideas

1. Terra Cotta Pot Fountain:

DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Materials Needed:

1. Terra cotta pots

The HC Companies 24 Inch Large Garden Bowl Planter – Shallow Plant Pot with Drainage Plug for Indoor Outdoor Flowers, Herbs, Clay
  • Garden bowl planter is perfect for shallow rooted plantings and flowers
  • Looks great on tables, ledges, stands, or posts
  • Flat bottom keeps the bowl stable so your plant stays upright
PSW M20TC Pot Collection Shallow Garden Bowl Planter for Succulents, Bonsai, Fairy Gardens, Herbs, 8-inch, Terra Cotta Color
  • FOR PLANTS WITH SHALLOW ROOTS: This bowl is ideal for plants that don’t have deep roots, including various bulbs, succulents, herbs, bamboo, bonsai, microgreens, and more.
  • MADE WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS: A blend of recycled plastic, stone powder, and wood dust, PSW Pots are eye-catching and long-lasting for mindful gardening.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: PSW Pots are durable, lightweight, and resistant to weather conditions and UV rays for extended outdoor use.

2. Pump

DOMICA 15W 220 GPH Submersible Fountain Pump with LED Light, Ultra Quiet Adjustable Water Pump (800L/H) for Water Feature, Hydroponics, Garden, Pond, Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Indoor Outdoor Fountain
  • 【Fountain Pump with Colorful LED Light】: This Fountain pump features 12 energy-saving LED light beads with 4 colors (red, blue, green, yellow), makes a decorative water feature lighting effect for gardens, patio, ponds, aquariums, fish tanks, waterfalls, indoor and outdoor fountains 【 Better lighting effect at night 】
  • 【Fountain Head with Umbrella Nozzle】: The components are easy to install. Put on the fountain head, the nozzle produces a beautiful umbrella pattern. By rotating the nozzle, you can adjust the diameter of water pattern area. TIPS: the smaller the gaps, the bigger diameter of the umbrella pattern
AISITIN 2.5W Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath with 6 Nozzles, 6.7″ Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump for Garden, Ponds, Pool, Fish Tank, Aquarium and Outdoor
  • [✔Efficient Solar Panel]: AISITIN 2.5W Solar bird bath fountain is powered by solar energy. High-efficiency solar panels work immediately when placed in the sun. The more sunlight, the better the effect, and the fountain will bring you unexpected beauty.
  • [✔Six spray patterns]: Solar water fountain contains 6 different nozzles, which will produce different spray shapes and spray patterns. The height can be adjusted by replacing the nozzles to avoid splashing out of the basin. The spray height can reach 15-27 inch. You can easily replace the nozzle.
Mademax Solar Bird Bath Fountain Pump, Upgrade 1.4W Solar Fountain with 6 Nozzle, Free Standing Floating Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump for Bird Bath, Garden, Pond, Pool, Outdoor
  • UPGRADE 1.4W SOLAR POWERED: The solar birdbath fountain only needs 3 seconds to operate automatically in direct sun, with a spray height of 50-70cm. No electricity or battery needed. The most important this will attract a lot of hummingbirds to your garden! (Solar fountains does not store energy, may not work on cloudy days, please make sure the product is used in direct sunlight, and it is recommended to use it in clean water, which will prolong the life of the product).
  • KEEPING THE PUMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BIRD BATH: Our company has designed a retainer to avoid the random movement of the solar fountain pump. It prevents the solar powered water fountain from spraying water outside the bath and empties water quickly. No more wasting time on filling water.

3. Tubing

Aquascape Kink-Free Flexible Pipe for Fountain, Pond & Water Feature Plumbing, 6′ by 1/2″, Black | 88003
  • Ideal for recirculating water in small ponds, water features, fountains, filters, aquariums, and more
  • Pre-cut and packaged in convenient 6-feet sections
Clear Tubing Assortment, 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm ID, 12 Meters Lengh In All, 1mm Thickness, Flexible Plastic Tube Hose Set For Home Repair Water Oil Transfer Aquarium, BPA Free and non-toxic
  • PVC material : Made of high quality PVC material. BPA Free and non-toxic. The material is lightweight flexible and crystal-clear. These clear tubing provides well resistance to chemicals, alkalis solvents and acids. Smooth inner surface is easy flow and cleaning.
  • Four sizes: The four clear tubings are all 1mm thickness and 3 meters length and the inner dimensions respectively are 2mm, 3mm , 4mm, 5mm. Clear tubing Inner dimensions convert to inches are : 1/12″ id, 1/8″ id, 5/32″ id, 3/16″ id.
Eastrans Clear Vinyl Tubing Flexible PVC Tubing, Hybrid PVC Hose, Lightweight Plastic Tubing, by 1/2 Inch ID, 10-Feet Length
  • PVC Material – Tubing is made of high quality PVC material, lightweight and flexible, can withstand rough handling and multiple usage. Smooth interior and exterior that prevents sediment accumulation and allows easy flow and flushing.
  • Tubing Details – PVC vinyl tubing, ID: 1/2″, OD: 5/8″, 10 feet, Wall thickness: 1.6mm; Hardness: 73A (firm); Temperature Range : 23°F to 149°F (-5°C to 65°C); Working Pressure: 60PSI.


  1. Select three to four terra cotta pots of varying sizes.
  2. Stack the pots upside down, with the largest on the bottom.
  3. Drill a hole in each pot for the tubing.
  4. Insert the tubing and pump, securing it with waterproof sealant.
  5. Customize by painting the pots or adding decorative elements.

2. Stacked Stone Fountain:

Materials Needed: Stones, Pump and tubing


  1. Gather a variety of flat stones.
  2. Stack the stones to create a natural-looking fountain structure.
  3. Drill a hole through the center of each stone for the tubing.
  4. Assemble the stones, threading the tubing through each.
  5. Connect the tubing to the pump and secure it.

3. Recycled Container Fountain:

DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Materials Needed: Old containers, pump, tubing


  1. Choose two to three old containers, such as buckets or planters.
  2. Drill holes in the containers for the tubing.
  3. Stack and arrange the containers to create a cascading effect.
  4. Insert the tubing and connect it to the pump.
  5. Customize with paint or other decorations.

4. Bamboo Fountain:

DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Materials Needed:

1. Bamboo poles

SaleBestseller No. 1
Cambaverd Bamboo Stakes 8 Feet, Diameter of 1 Inch Thicher Garden Stakes, Natural Plant Stakes for Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Grape Vine Climbing Plants Support and Natural Decoration – 10 Pack Bamboo Poles
  • 【Natural Bamboo Stakes 8FT】These bamboo poles are 8 feet long, with an average diameter of 1 inch, are made of high-quality natural bamboo, they are more thicker, stable and less likely to breake. Each package includes 10 pack bamboo plant stakes.
  • 【Wide Range of Applications】Thick garden stakes can be used in a variety of ways. You could use them for DIY, building bed curtains, tents, fences or trellises, wedding, party, beach bar and various style home decoration. 8ft plant stakes are suitable for large fruiting plants such as beans, peas, cucumbers, hops,grapes, melon, trees etc.
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Jollybower 15pcs 3/4″ D Thicker Heavy Duty Bamboo Stakes, 7FT Plant Stakes, Natural Garden Stakes for Tomato, Bean, Flowers,Trees Potted and Climbing Plant Support
  • QUALITY : Jollybower bamboo garden stakes are make of highly renewable and 100% natural bamboo, premium bamboo will last a long time in your garden. Our bamboo poles 7ft are sustainably grown in Southeast Asia, where they are hand cut and hand selected for only the premium bamboo. Bamboo stakes are safe to use and Eco-friendly, will not hurt your plants & family.
  • DURABLE : Sturdy bamboo are through heat treatment after air-drying, full evaporation of the water in the bamboo, that why the bamboo stakes 7ft become harder and more durable. The bamboo surface are smooth, It doesn’t pricked your finger.

2. Pump, tubing


  1. Cut bamboo poles to various lengths.
  2. Drill holes for the tubing and water flow.
  3. Arrange the bamboo poles in a Zen-like design.
  4. Insert the tubing and connect it to the pump.
  5. Enhance the Zen garden atmosphere with stones and plants.

5. Watering Can Fountain:

Materials Needed:

1. Watering can

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Chapin 47998 Made in USA 2-Gallon Tru-Stream Outdoor and Indoor 100% Recycled Plastic Watering Can, Removable Nozzle, Leak Free, Drip Free, Black with White Nozzle
  • 100% RECYCLED POLYMER: guilt free from environmental concerns, the tank is made from 100% recycled polymer, better for the environment and less in the landfill
  • LEAK-FREE GASKET: rubber gasket in shower head eliminates leaks, it adds a barrier between the head and the watering can neck to limit any leaks while watering, so no wasted drops of water or your fertilizer
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Watering Can 1 Gallon for Indoor Plants, Garden, Outdoor Plant House Flower, Gallon Large Long Spout with Sprinkler Head (Blue)
  • WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN YOU HAVE: Watering can features an extra-long spout that makes it easy to water plants. One-piece construction that reduces the risk of leaks. Watering can for outdoor plants is sweet, sleek, and attractive in all the right ways to make your garden happy.
  • UPGRADED SHOWER HEADS NO LEAKAGE: Watering pitcher for outdoor plants spout or rain shower watering perfectly. Just remove the rose petal if you want to water quick. Watering can 1 gallon with sprinkler head has a good gasket so there is no leakage, and that head can also be removed.
Bestseller No. 3
Watering Can for Indoor Plants, Small Watering Cans for House Plant Garden Flower, Long Spout Water Can for Outdoor Watering Plants 1.8L 1/2 Gallon
  • [Customizable Water Flow] Watering can with a detachable shower nozzle, easily switch between a steady stream or gentle shower to suit your plant’s watering needs. Great for both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • [Effortless Watering] The Qilebi watering can features a 14-inch long and thin spout that can reach tricky areas with ease. Accurately transport water directly into the soil without splashing or wasting water.

2. Pump, tubing


  1. Select a vintage or decorative watering can.
  2. Drill a hole for the tubing.
  3. Attach the tubing to the pump and secure it inside the watering can.
  4. Position the watering can to create a cascading water effect.
  5. Add whimsical touches with garden ornaments or plants.

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6. Log Fountain:

DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Materials Needed:

1. Hollowed-out log

Hollow Log Hideaway Extra Large Realistic Tree Stump Hideout for Reptiles, Ponds and Wildlife.
  • REALISTIC EXTRA LARGE HOLLOW LOG 🌳 32 inches long and 11 inches diameter for large animal habitats including aquariums, terrariums, ponds, enclosures, cages, or other indoor / outdoor natural animal habitats. Safe for ponds & large aquariums (does not float).
  • REPTILE, CRITTER & FISH CAVE 🐢 Heavy faux hollowed stump hideaway for your snake, lizard, turtle or other large reptiles, pets or fish. This heavy faux wood decorative cave is a homey dark place for wild creatures or exotic pets to comfortably hide away or nest.

2. Pump, tubing


  1. Find a log and hollow it out, leaving a sturdy outer shell.
  2. Drill a hole for the tubing.
  3. Insert the tubing and secure it with waterproof sealant.
  4. Connect the tubing to the pump.
  5. Position the log in a way that allows water to cascade down naturally.

7. Ceramic Bowl Fountain

DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Materials Needed:

1. Ceramic bowls

vancasso Bonita 27 Oz Cereal Bowls Set of 6, Ceramic Bowls for Kitchen, 6 Inch Soup Bowls, Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
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  • 【Colorful Ceramic Bowls】Designed with a unique touch, these bowls feature a charming brown eyelash pattern around the rim, adding a touch of elegance to your dining experience. The surface of the bowl is adorned with a beautiful circular striped pattern, enhancing its visual appeal.
DOWAN 22 OZ Ceramic Soup Bowls & Cereal Bowls – 6″ White Bowls Set of 4 for Soup, Cereal, Oatmeal, Fruit, Rice – Dishwasher & Microwave Safe
  • Versatile Size: Deep and Classic 22 OZ bowls set are perfect for cereal, soup, nuts, salad, fruit, rice, and noodle without spillage. Ideal for family dinners, food storage, breakfast oatmeal, restaurant service, parties, and holiday gifts.
  • Food Contact Safe: Different from disposable and plastic bowls, every DOWAN ceramic bowl is made of high-quality porcelain and undergoes two times high-temperature firings at 1280 degrees. For that there are no harmful substances leaching into your food.
Mora Ceramic Bowls For Kitchen, 28oz – Bowl Set of 4 – For Cereal, Salad, Pasta, Soup, Dessert, Serving etc – Dishwasher, Microwave, and Oven Safe – For Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner – Vanilla White
  • IT’S TIME TO HIT PAUSE AND EAT: This is more than a bowl. Mora is Latin for “Pause”, acting as a reminder to slow down in your amazing life. You are always being told to do more, to go faster, to be better, but it’s time for you to slow down every once in a while and hit pause. Your Mora bowls can help you do that. Whether you are eating noodles, salad, or anything else, every time you use a Mora bowl it is a reminder to hit pause, give yourself some me time, and practice mindful eating.
  • LEAD FREE ALL NATURAL GLAZE: We know that lead is a poison, but what some of us don’t know is that it is in a lot of ceramic glazes, since there is no US regulation for lead in adult products. Unlike other ceramic companies, our glazes are lead free, meaning you will never have to worry about lead leaching into your system and making you sick. Since our glaze is all-natural, it tends to change color depending on the lighting. The color may be a tad different from what you see on your screen.

2. Pump, tubing


  1. Choose two or three ceramic bowls of different sizes.
  2. Drill holes in the bowls for the tubing.
  3. Stack the bowls in a tiered arrangement.
  4. Insert the tubing and connect it to the pump.
  5. Secure the bowls and customize with decorative stones or plants.

8. Bird Bath Fountain:

DIY Garden Fountains Ideas

Materials Needed:

1. Bird bath

VIVOSUN 28” Solar Bird Bath, Solar Powered Pond Fountain Combo Set for Outdoors, Gardens, Patio, Yard, Deck, Green
  • Durable Material: The bird bath is made of a strong, weatherproof polyresin material that is lightweight so you can use and move it as needed; It won’t dent, crack or break, making it durable and perfect for outdoor use and a beautiful addition to your garden or patio
  • Solar-Powered Fountain: This Solar Fountain Pump is powered entirely by solar energy, no batteries or electricity required; Once exposed to sunlight, it runs automatically within seconds; Large 20-inch diameter birdbath holds enough water for several birds to use at the same time

2. Pump, tubing

  1. Select a bird bath with a deep basin.
  2. Drill a hole for the tubing if necessary.
  3. Insert the tubing and connect it to the pump.
  4. Fill the bird bath with water and secure the pump.
  5. Add floating flowers or decorative elements to enhance the look.

Installing and Maintaining Your DIY Fountain

Installing the Pump and Tubing Ensure proper water flow by securely installing the pump and tubing. Conceal the pump and tubing with decorative elements to maintain the aesthetic appeal.

Adding Finishing Touches Landscaping around the fountain with plants and stones enhances its natural beauty. Consider adding underwater or surrounding lights to create a magical ambiance at night.

Maintenance Tips Regularly clean the fountain and treat the water to prevent algae growth. During colder months, winterize your fountain to protect it from damage.

Budget-Friendly Tips and Tricks

Using Recycled and Repurposed Materials Look for inexpensive or free materials by repurposing household items. Old containers, stones, and bamboo can be transformed into beautiful fountains with a bit of creativity.

Cost-Saving Tips for Pump and Equipment Affordable pumps are available online or at garden centers. DIY alternatives, such as solar-powered options, can reduce long-term costs.


Creating a DIY garden fountain is a rewarding project that adds beauty and tranquility to your garden. Whether you choose a simple terra cotta pot fountain or a unique bamboo fountain, the key is to personalize your creation to suit your style and space. Enjoy the process and take pride in your serene garden oasis.

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